Striving to provide a finely curated collection of quality items
that enhance one’s life both internally and externally, Interwoven was born of
an idea to form a collective that would facilitate the exchange of ideas,
products, and knowledge in the design and construction industry for everyone.
After 25 years in the industry, Angela Weil (co-owner of Stone Interiors
alongside husband Dustin Weil) desired to transcend the barriers of the status
quo, believing growth and innovation are often a product of an exchange of
different cultures, visions, and experiences that arise from spending time in
diverse circles. “There are so many people with multi-dimensional life
experiences living in our Bay Area, so it only seems natural to seek connection
with them to exchange ideas to collectively enhance our lifestyles,” Angela
shares. “Interwoven is so much more than your basic retail home and design
boutique; we are truly a collaborative experience bringing together
one-of-a-kind artists, designers, influencers, synergistic ideas, eclectic
styles, and an intentionally curated collection of furnishings, antiques, art,
and boutique gift items.”

As the idea emerged, Angela looked to Stone Interiors social
media, PR, and marketing guru Sadie Solberg to help her vision take flight. “With
a background in the hospitality industry, Sadie knows the value of impeccable
presentation and customer service,” Angela shares. “She is a natural people
person, has an uplifting and upbeat personality, and is a customer service
fanatic.” With Angela’s business and entrepreneurial abilities paired with the
duo’s passion for curation and design, Interwoven was born.