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Originally opened on the outskirts of town, owner Angela Weil and Sadie Solberg’s concept proved too big for just one location. Full of unique, contemporary, and yes, even sexy, furnishings, rugs, decorative accents, original art, and the best gift selection around, Interwoven is now two-times the fabulous. And, that’s not all.


Driving by you’ll notice Tiffany’s worthy window displays and walking in you’ll be instantly mesmerized by the delightful wall-to-wall eye candy. In addition to the finds you won’t see anywhere else; the friendly and talented team is there to assist guests with everything from the perfect items for a holiday entertaining refresher to a complete remodel or new build.


Still dog and champagne friendly, and a full interior design center, Interwoven sets itself apart from the pack as they strive to curate all things ahead of the curve. With her original Interwoven concept that our homes are so personal that they should be designed collectively, Angela and Sadie coined the phrase Collaborative by Design.

That means they love working with clients to not only achieve their ideal home or space, but to incorporate those meaningful family treasures. Whether it’s finding the perfect modern cocktail glasses to go with a passed down linen napkin collection, designing a space for beloved family antique heirloom, or even collaborating to weave together specific lifestyles or interests, the joint effort is what Interwoven is all about.

“In our downtown location, we’re thrilled to offer an expanded selection of contemporary and transitional furnishings and one of a kind rugs. We have also expanded our exclusive art offerings as the demand for items a bit different from the white coastal look continues to escalate. Our clients are really responding to the abstract art, as well as the various textures like our Icelandic furs and silver-hue hides. We’re even incorporating art pieces with an urban vibe that boast clean lines and architectural interest, too. Of course, we’re continuing to offer natural elements that pair perfectly with life-enhancing luxuries as well. It’s super exciting that clients are really embracing our out-of-the box approach,” Angela adds.


And don’t be shy, strike up a conversation as their able to make your product dreams come true, too. Love Turkish rugs but want one you can throw in the wash? They can do that, and customize not only the print, but the cut and size to boot. Scared of white because of pets, kids, and, well, life? They’ve got solutions. “Impeccable customer service and a welcoming attitude are our culture at Interwoven” says general partner, Sadie Solberg.


Raised in the commercial construction and design business, Angela, and her husband Dustin, also own Stone Interiors. With locations in three states, the family business has a longstanding history in the natural stone business and has ties to the development of the Natural Stone Institute, the national accrediting body for stone and tile professionals. These national and international partnerships lend themselves to Interwoven’s expansion. 

While their countertops are flawless, they also create some of the most beautiful custom stone options for table and bar tops, fireplace surroundings, and smaller stone goods such as cubes and side tables as well. Inspired by the demand for custom tables, one of their partners is currently sourcing in Verona, Italy.


“Interwoven is transforming its original location into a collaborative workspace for their community industry and design partners and clients.  Instead of coming into the marketplace with an adversarial attitude toward other home and design professionals, Interwoven looks for opportunities to collaborate by seeking out partnerships and incentivizing trade relationships. This expansion offers additional resources for industry events and continuing education classes as well. It also provides room for their newly acquired custom rug lines and stocking facilities so that our clients aren’t feeling the supply chain issues were facing currently,” says Angela.



Offering a full range of design services, Angela adds, “We’re providing in home design consultations for DIY clients and for those working with an interior designer, too. We’re happy to assist with furnishings, rugs, stone  and tile , art, fabrics, textiles, accessories and more. With so many new options, we want to educate our customers so they get exactly what they want. Utilizing our decades of experience, and both of the Interwoven spaces, we also work with trade experts like contractors and architects on everything from new builds to remodeling projects. Believe me, if there’s something we don’t do, we know the best person or team that can,” Angela assures us.

Collaborating with local artists is also a passion for Angela and Sadie. Working closely with local famed artist B’Beth Weldon, who is currently painting her way through Greece, Angela is a proud collector of B’Beths work personally and showcases one of her rare collections, The Urban Series in the boutique as well as a variety of many of her works for sale. Other artists include Dee Dee Ebert, Elizabeth Tabb, Emma Tacon, B Jacques, Bottibling, and Grace Weil.  As we expand our art offerings, the demand continues and we are constantly curating other pieces that range from clean, colorful and contemporary to edgy and urban. It’s exciting to see the Bay area responding to new design ideas,” Angela shares.

Interwoven’s  gift selection is just as unique. Sadie tells us, “We have fabulous gifts and décor items that we like to classify as lifestyle luxuries. We’ve expanded all our gifting and décor options from one of a kind mini original art pieces and Susan Zieman handmade on-trend jewelry to our standout signature barware and our designer luxuries, in the new location. We’ve even secured authentic vintage designer handbags and jewelry and more designer inspired collections that boast a more affordable price tag. For example, we’ve got a range of fun home and fashion accessories available for fans of brands like Veuve Clicquot champagne, Tiffany’s, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more. We understand that, like us, our clients may want a home that’s sleek and sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want some of playful items, too. Plus, our clients are great gift givers and want those perfect items that are not only thoughtful, but that are unique and luxurious as well. Who doesn’t want to spoil a good friend?”


We so get that. No matter how global  and unique our tastes scale, we love nothing more than sipping champagne from a delicate, retro coupe glass served  from a  Southern staple silver tray sitting on our stream-lined stone coffee table, complete with sassy Veuve cocktail napkins. That’s the complete collaborative lifestyle aspect Interwoven provides—they just get it!


Perhaps the most exciting aspect of expanding into downtown Fairhope is the prospect of more collaborative efforts. “We’re looking forward to being a bigger part of and working with the vibrant downtown Fairhope community. From partnership possibilities to support in general, we’re excited about extending the mix of what’s available and forming great relationships,” Angela concludes.

Angela Weil

Sadie Solberg

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